My neighbor is getting married tomorrow. As per the rituals of Bengal,he had his ‘Aiburobhaat‘ today. It means the last meal,usually lunch, as a bachelor. What a pity it must be!!! Now for the groom it becomes very awkward I guess,having his meal in front of everyone, and that too with a garland round him. But kudos to this custom,specially because it propelled me to write my first blog!!

I came across this marvelous middle aged lady,today morning. Her name is Soma. I know nothing much about her except that she cooks for a living. Usually on these wedding occasions, where food needs to be served in bulk, there is a concept of calling over professional cooks called ‘bheyan‘ or else outsourcing the entire job to a caterer. However this amazing lady,who cooks for hardly 3-4 persons on a regular basis, took this challenge to serve 50 heads today.

She started the day with a smile at around 8AM. Single handed job to be accomplished by noon. And an elaborate menu list.She was bang on her journey. I was asked to take a few snaps as a future souvenir. At that time,I really could not get the essence of her herculean task. By noon, it was a full house, with guests and family all around. I was a bit late to attend,more so,because it was my next door!!

The feast began. It was a ‘wow-wow’ from all corners. The food was extremely tasty with a perfect blend of all proportions. Not a single flaw could be found in the items. When we were almost finished with our plates,the lady came. Bubbling with spirit, in a red sari and that evergreen smile, she was the hero. she wore another thing,which happens to be the most precious of all….and that’s humility.

If we take a minute to analyze,she had no duty,no pressure to take this trouble,cooking for 50 heads! The beauty is that she didn’t consider it a burden. Work gives her pleasure,and making others happy makes her happy.That’s the philosophy behind her graceful cooking.And believe me,when you cook,give all your love,all your passion into it….and see the taste…it will be heavenly.